History of Fun Daze

2010- Dancing with the Stars

What a great weekend! We had 7 Albs (plus a few kayaks and a windsurfer) enjoying the lake while the stay-at-homes baked in the heat. The Wirth, Goebes, Byron, Heiss, Goldberg, Detra, White, and Hooper families introduced newbie Ann from Indiana to the fun.
We awoke Sat. to steady wind out of the west, so it was quickly decided to take a long sail to the dam. The winds held all day. Sun. morning had light winds, but they built during the day until by early afternoon we were back to the 10 to 15 range with higher gusts.
Hoop was his usual entertaining self at our campfires, plus he provided lots of help in boat adjustments.
Hope to see you next year at kerr! - Diane

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