Sail Tuning Techniques

Switching to High Aspect Albacore Sails
Albacore sailors use one of two distinct types of sails on their boats commonly called either "low aspect" or "high aspect" according to the cut of the jib. While very different in shape and how you set each of these types of sails, both have produced top results in the class for over 20 years.

Albacore Sail Tuning Guide for North sails
General instructions on how to tune your North Sails

Albacore Sail Tuning Guide for MacNamara sails
General instructions on how to tune your MacNamara Sails

Albacore Sail Tuning Guide for Sobstad sails
General instructions on how to tune your Sobstad Sails

Training Techniques

The Complete Guide to Albacore Sailing
Tuning and Strategy by International & National Champ Barney Harris.

How to Get a 10 Ten Finish (most of the time)
Tactics for short course, One-design racing, and, a taste of the "zen" of sailboat racing. By John Holmberg

Regatta Preparation

Sail Faster: Tips For Moving Up In The Fleet
Lessons learned over a lifetime of Albacore sailing on how to move up in the fleet.

Putting Together an Albacore Racing Program
Summary article on how to maximize your sailing performance for the time and money you have to invest.

Tool List
Describes three levels of tools and spares to bring to dinghy racing regattas and how to organize a sailing tool kit.

Boat Tuning Techniques

2005 Winter Training, part #1
On January 28-29-30, 2005 fifteen Albacore sailors from US and Canada met in Sarasota for the first winter training session. It was a great time with ideal conditions (lots of wind and temps in the 70’s). We logged about 12-15 hours of on the water speed tuning and supplemented that with 2 hours of video review and countless hours of boat work and discussions ashore.

Upwind Pacing
How to organize on the water practice sessions for maximum benefit.

Upwind sailing technique: High Wind
General instructions on how to set up and sail an Albacore upwind in exceptionally high wind conditions.

Winter Sailing
Overview of winter practice sessions conducted in Sarasota, FL.

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