How to Get a 10 Ten Finish (most of the time)

Tactics for short course, One-design racing, and, a taste of the "zen" of sailboat racing.

  1. Don't adjust your sail controls too often (unless the weather changes drastically)
    • On a short course boat speeds are relatively the same
    • You usually gain more from good tactics than from good speed
  2. Get a good start (there is usually more than one "great" spot)
    • On time (practice)
    • On the line (practice)
    • Clean air
    • Near the competition
  3. Stay with the leaders (don't take flyers)
    • Remember that you are racing the other boats, not the clock
    • Use other boats to keep your speed up (hitchhike, don't go off by yourself)
  4. Keep your head out of the boat (but under the boom)
    • Don't think about any other race, race the one you are in!
    • Don't think about your last mistake, instead look for more wind, or shifts, or...
    • Pretend you were dropped onto the course and are going to pass as many boats as you can before the finish
  5. Slow down and win
    • STOP, BREATHE, THINK then ACT!!!
  6. Have fun!!!
    • The whole reason for your participation should be to have a good time
    • You are trying to better yourself physically and mentally and you have the ability to get immediate feedback from your competitors (friends). The only losers are the ones that don't realize this and are racing for other reasons
  7. Practice
    • Every time you are near the water or on a boat, practice looking for puffs, windshifts and current (remember to keep it fun)
    • Set your boat up using the KISS principal
    • Boat-handling skills
    • Visualize the entire race

We have all the answers inside of us, sometimes we just need to be reminded!
GOOD LUCK!! (we can all use it)

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