Boat Transportation

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Container Transport

How to Ship Boats Overseas to a World Championship
Authoritative compendium of articles describing the international shipping process as applied to sailing dinghies, how to deal with customs, freight brokers, truckers, and the ins and outs of each step of the process.

Container Packing for Internationals.
General description of how to pack Albacores into a sea container for international shipping.

Trailer Setup

Trailer Tips
Description of the TEAM SPOT Triple Trailer design, construction, and use. Includes general notes on trailering small dinghies.

Inaugural Trip of the "SuperSpot Rig"
First there was the single trailer, then some double deck rigs came along allowing two to share the drive or allowing one team to fly. Barney Harris took the next step in multi-boat regatta transport when he built his triple trailer and connected it to his van, Spot.

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