Rigging and Equipment

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Control systems

HAPCO Centerboard Downhaul and Brake
Detailed description of the design and function of the HAPCO centerboard downhaul and brake system.

HAPCO Vang/Halyard Control Systems
Technical description of the design and function of the HAPCO jib halyard and vang systems including shock chord take ups for the Albacore. Includes figures.

HAPCO Split Tail Main Sheet for an Albacore
How to creat a smooth running split tail main sheet for the Albacore or other one design dinghy classes.

Splicing Vectran Line
Detailed procedure on how to splice an eye into 12 strand Vectran line used in Albacore vang, jib halyard, and other cascaded purchase systems. Includes figures.

Jib Halyard Cascade Diagram
Albacore Jib Halyard Cascade System Diagram

Fly Away Whisker Pole
A discussion of the features and advantages of the fly away whisker pole arrangement, design details on how to set up a system, and step by step instructions on its use.


Upgrading Your Centerboard
How to improve the finish, durability, and performance of the stock laminated mahogany centerboard.

Replacement of the Centerboard Gasket
How to replace the centerboard gasket on an Albacore.

HAPCO - Milanes Centerboard Design Dimensions
Dimensions of the HAPCO-Milanes Albacore centerboard.

Hiking Straps

HAPCO Hiking Strap Assembly and Installation
Pictorial description of the design and installation of HAPCO Albacore hiking straps.

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