Major Hull Rebuilds

Repairing Foam Cored Albacore Cockpit Interiors
How to address punctures and cracks in the interior of a composite hulled Albacore.

Restoring the Buoyancy Tanks
Detailed procedure on how to permanently fix air tank to hull joint failures on Skeene Albacores.

Boat Rebuilds

Albacore 4862 Rebuild Project
Ali Meller re-launched Albacore 4862 at the 1998 PRSA Fall Frostbite, after a rebuilding project that took two years (with long breaks). This article discusses the reasons for the rebuild, some of the alternatives considered, how the rebuild was done (with photographs), and initial results.

Foil Rebuilds

Centerboard dimensions and leading edge tool template
Diagram of a centerboard dimensions and leading edge tool template.

How to Build a Rudder
Directions on how to build a new rudder.

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