About the Albacore

Table of Contents 

General Albacore Info

Albacore Specifications and Line Drawing
Albacore specifications with line drawing

What Is An Albacore
So what is an Albacore, and why is it gaining in popularity?

Buying Your First Albacore
What is you objective? What is your budget? How much are you willing to work on a boat? The Albacore can cover a wide range of needs and the particular boat you buy should match your skills and objectives.

Getting Started Sailing an Albacore
How to get started sailing an Albacore

Identifying Albacores
This guide is to help owners of Albacores identify the builder, age and sail number of Albacores. As created, this resource focused on Albacores built and sailed in North America, UK built boats are also identified where significant numbers have been imported to North America

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