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Feature Request

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Postby waverate » Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:01 am

This is a placeholder for summarizing the status of the feature requests that have been raised by the webmasters and users.

To add a feature request, please post a New Topic.


- Latest Changes block on the front page, and
- Latest Classified Ads block on the front page.


- Allowing Anonymous Comments to be posted against Classified Ads, and
- What's New section on front page containing Title oand summary of recent news items.

Cannot Implement:

- Buying and Selling Boats through N American Forum.waverate40106.8594560185
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Re: Feature Request

Postby Guest » Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:43 pm

Two new requests:

1) Under the "Manage Content" menu on the left side of USAA site (for logged in users with permissions) I would like to have two additional options. I would like to be able to "duplicate" an event or news item. This would create a new page where page structure was the same as previous (photos, banners.. etc.), but where event dates, results, NOR, etc. were blank. This would greatly speed up creating new events from one year to the next when most things stay the same.

2) Can we change the forum so that it continues to send e-mail notification of new posts even if you have not read the previous e-mail? I opened an e-mail in September (4 months ago) but did not click on the link to go to the forum. Since that time I've received no more notifications of forum posts and I've missed many things. I understand that some may prefer it this way, but I think it reduces use of the forum and reduces class communication. As a minimum this should be a selectable option, but I would rather it be forced that all notices are sent. I hope this is something we can control and not something baked in the forum management software.

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