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Question re: Proctor masts

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Question re: Proctor masts

Postby jkilpatrick » Tue Feb 23, 2016 1:13 pm

Hi all,

I am finally putting together my Albacore from bits and pieces, and I have a mast issue I'd like to discuss. Firstly, I had no mast. Now I have several options.

Option 1 - a Proctor C mast, salvaged from an old Rondar Albacore. Not too bad, but with a permanent set/dent at the deck level. I think the boat had been used as a trainer, and had trapezes installed - maybe the rig was too slack and that led to the bend? I think this is the lightest mast section. Halyards run along the luff.

Option 2 - a Proctor D mast. My preference, but quite a few holes in it. From an old 505, so there are open holes where a spinnaker sheave once was, and I think the ex-owner must have played with the height of the hounds because there are large holes either side of the mast above the current hounds location. Halyards run inside the mast, and exit at the bottom of the mast.

Option 3 - a Proctor E section, bare pole. Likely from a Wayfarer - I managed to find one lying derelict in the grass at the local sailing club, and they practically gave away the bare mast. This is actually looks the nicest one of the lot (no holes, no dents) but seems a fair bit stiffer, and the sheaves are a bit rough looking and made of tufnol. I'd like to replace the sheaves, but I really can't see an easy way to replace the jib halyard sheave (its integrated with the mast). Halyards run through the luff.

Anyway, looking for any helpful advice. I can post photos if required. Given these options, which would you choose?

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Re: Question re: Proctor masts

Postby JimE1 » Thu Mar 10, 2016 12:39 pm

Just my 2 cents. The proctor C section would likely be too bendy for newer main sail cuts.
It may be possible to make the lower section of the mast stiff enough w a mast ram and the middle section stiff enough by moving spreaders forward, but my guess is it would be difficult to maintain leech tension in the upper 1/3rd of the main w a mast that bendy.

The E Section is relatively close to the D section in terms of bend according to the numbers proctor puts out.

If it were me, I would go w the D w the holes first. If there was anything usable from the C section I would strip it and use anything I could to rig the E section. The problem w the E section is I dont think there is anyone racing w one, so if your goal is to race, you will be on your own to figure out how to tune it vs just measuring someone else's rig if you have the same mast as the crowd.

You can cover the unused sheave boxes in the D w heavy sticky back sail cloth.
It will last a while and looks better then large holes.

Main thing is rig one and get sailing.

Good luck, have fun!!
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Re: Question re: Proctor masts

Postby henry » Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:18 pm

The only one that might fit is the old "C" mast, though.

The "D" being salvaged from a 5o5 might not have the halyard exit point and the hounds in the correct place, once you cut it to the correct length.

Measure them against the dimension tolerances in the class rules. They're not just for being legal to race, they actually help the boat sail better if you are in the right tolerances.
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