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Rigging help????

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Rigging help????

Postby Tango Kilo » Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:15 am

Hello all. New to the forum. I have just purchased hull #4863. It is a Skene and is in remarkable condition for a 1973 model? The boat originally sailed on the Ottawa River and is a one owner. It eventually made it to NC over the years by way of the owner's son having a military relocation. The boat has not been in the water in 8 to 10 years. I have replaced all the running rigging and am very close to my first outting in the boat. I do have a couple of questions regarding the boat. I looked at the search but didn't find any references to my questions
First. How to rig a flying jib boom, it's ultimate function and is it used by club sailors. The boat came with a standard "whisker"pole. I have a Proctor rig and eye straps under the spreaders on the face of the mast and an eye strap at deck level.
Second, There are the letters "KC" on the main under and on separate lines from the Class logo and sail number. What would this be a designation for?
Thirdly. Boat has Ronstan component mid boom sheeting with track and traveler car. Better or worse than conventional sheeting? I know what it is designed to and should do, but is this common? I have seen virtually no photos of older boats with this set-up.

I look forward to any replies and can't wait to get this thing out on the water and pull the trigger!!


Tango Kilo
Tango Kilo
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Re: Rigging help????

Postby donbingley » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:50 pm

Hey there Tango Kilo. The KC denotes a Canadian boat. Actually the "K" is for United Kingdom and "C" for Canada. I've changed my sheeting from a horse on the transom to a center traveler then finally to the rope bridle which seems to be the standard now. I found the center traveler a royal pain in that it was never where I wanted it to be while tacking resulting in my fiddling around with my head in the boat too often. The fly away whisker is neat in that crew seldom spears the skipper while setting/retrieving the pole. I rigged mine after googling it. If you join USAA they have the required information as well as how to make a split tail bridle for the mainsheet.
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Re: Rigging help????

Postby Chrisgo3 » Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:57 am

Where are you located in NC? and what lake would you be sailing on?
I am in Greenville SC and maybe if you want to we could meet up for a sail or a rigging/tuning day?
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