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Bailers versus Transom Ports

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Bailers versus Transom Ports

Postby crufone » Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:56 am

Hello All,
Let's assume that we have a boat that when capsized and righted full of water will float high enough that the top of the centerboard trunk is above the water level. In practice which works better for the Albacore to sail the water out, bailers or transom ports? Do owners have preferences and why? Do some owners have both fitted? Why? Currently I have neither and am trying to decide which to install. Two new Andersen bailers are rather expensive compared to fashioning some flaps for the transom. What do owners find works the very best to close off the transom ports when not in use?
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Re: Bailers versus Transom Ports

Postby Chrisgo3 » Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:48 pm

A large open cockpit boat that retains a lot of water after a capsize needs a way to get water out to make the boat sailable again. Some types of boats rely on a bailing bucket to get water out. Suction bailers cut into the hull work in tandem with transom flaps to suck water out and they do it very efficiently.
In order to get the bailers to work the boat needs to plane and to do that you need to move weight aft. When that happens the water goes back too and exits out of the transom flaps at the same time its being sucked out the bottom. This assumes you have opened both floor bailers and released the transom flap shock cord that keeps the plexi glass covers tight against the hull. There should be someone who can post a transom flap arrangement for you. Hope this helps.
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Re: Bailers versus Transom Ports

Postby townsend » Thu Jul 26, 2012 5:44 pm

As Bruce says, the suction bailers working in tandem with transom flaps works best, and that's why all the modern Albacores have both. The transom flaps will remove a lot of water in a hurry, but you'll never get all the water out with just transom flaps. The suction bailers won't start working until the boat gets some speed (you don't need to actually be planing fro them to work, but there's a minimum speed) so you get a substantial amount of the water out some other way.

But you are right that the suction bailers tend to be pricey. My recommendation is to get a 5 gallon plastic trash can and tie it to the boat. If you go over, you can bail out the water using that in about 10 minutes. Transom flaps will speed the process, so you might think about installing them. Suction bailers are a nice addition too, but I'd say wait on those until you have other more important things taken care of.

Albacores are pretty easy to right and climb back into, but they do come up full of water. If the flotation is intact, the water level will be below the centerboard trunk which means it is possible to bail it out. You can sail it (slowly) without bailing, and sometimes that's enough to get you home if you're not too far away from your dock.

There have been many threads here re transom flaps. Enter those terms in the search box and check out the results. If you still have questions, ask away.
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