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Help ID a boat

Postby Schnick » Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:06 pm

Hello all, new to this board.

I am shopping for an Albacore to keep at a family property in Nova Scotia Canada.

There is a boat for sale nearby at the moment which I'm interested in BUT...

Hull number is 6240 - it is on the sails and the hull according to the owner.

According to the website this would be a Skene boat.

However the transom and deck configurations don't match the pictures of any generation of Skene's that I can find.

The guys selling says he thinks the boat may be glass over plywood. Is this possible? I am all the way on the opposite coast so I can't just nip down and look at it. Can any of you Albacore guys ID this boat? I think I am not interested in a wood boat but if she's glass I'd be very keen.


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Re: Help ID a boat

Postby townsend » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:35 pm

It's definitely an albacore, but it does not look like a skene. A skene would have a flat transom with the tiller over the top rather than poking through a hole. I also don't see a splashguard on the foredeck.

My best guess is that it's a MacGruer and Clark ... 26%20Clark The upward curve in the transom, the oval hole in the transom for the tiller, the gunwale mounted jib leads, the non-tapered mast all point to M & C.

These are very solidly built boats if a bit on the heavy side by modern Albacore standards. A friend of mine has a M & C and aside from a bit of rerigging to suit his tastes it's been an almost no-maintenance boat. I think an old M & C would make an excellent cottage boat if it's still in good shape. This one looks pretty good from the pictures. I'd want to inspect it closer before buying, but it sure looks like it deserves a closer look.

The hull itself is not going to be glass over plywood - I don't think any boats were made that way. However, it's common for the transom to be plywood with a glass/polyester resin coating. Mine is that way, and at 35 years old is showing no signs of decay with basically zero maintenance. Not sure about the M & C, but my take is that if the wood inside the transom is still solid, it will remain solid for the foreseeable future unless you abuse the boat by letting water pool in the hull when she's not being used.
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Re: Help ID a boat

Postby henry » Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:59 am

We would have to see the inside of that boat to positively identify it.

Does the sail number match the hull number?

Cab you post pictures of the cockpit?
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