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Welcome to the NA Albacore Forum

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Welcome to the NA Albacore Forum

Postby Guest » Mon Dec 22, 2003 12:19 pm

Welcome To the North American Albacore Forum

This forum is built for and by Albacore enthusiasts from around the world.
All are welcome to use this forum to post your questions or provide information regarding the Albacore class or Albacore sailing. Please note that this is an open forum, and opinions expressed are those of the author and not official positions of any of the Albacore associations. This is particularly important to keep in mind when reading discussions of class rules. All official positions will be posted in class documents or official sections of a website.

While there is no membership requirement for participation in the forum, we do encourage regular users of this site to support the Albacore class by becoming a member of your national association. Details can be found at

The forum requires you create a user name and password to post or reply to topics. The first time you attempt to post information you will be prompted to register creating a user name that will become your identity on this forum. If you have “cookies” enabled on your browser, you will be automatically logged in on any future visits to the North American Albacore forum.

We look forward to this becoming a great place to exchange information about all things regarding Albacore sailing. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please send your comments to

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